Rice husk
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Rice husk
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Rice husk
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Rice husk
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Rice husk
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Rice husk
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Rice husk
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We have been using rice husk for over 30 years

Agromil™ is European leader in producing and distributing derivatives from rice husk, a by-product obtained during the first phase of rice processing.

Our exclusive production process has allowed us to obtain value from something considered to be simple processing waste until a few decades ago.

Now “our” rice husk is used as a fundamental ingredient in many sectors ranging from agriculture to livestock, from horticulture to industry, from food industry to energy…


Rice husk. What is it?

It is the outer shell of the grain obtained during the first processing phase of parboiled rice, commonly called “husking”. The rice then moves on to subsequent processing while the rice husk follows its own path

one product
multiple uses


ZOORIZ is an excellent natural livestock litter. During use it is always soft and dry on the surface, and can also be used with added enzymes. ...


BIORIZ is a natural filter widely used to filter alimentary liquids without altering their chemical-organoleptic and aromatic properties....


FLORIZ is an excellent soil conditioner and horticultural mulch. Used as a component in nursery growth substrates...


CHEMIRIZ is a plant-based support used in many industrial and artisan sectors, added to chemical-pharmaceutical products, resins...


ECORIZ EDILIZIA is an effective eco-sustainable plant-based insulation. Due to its low specific weight, it is used naturally as insulation ...


ECORIZ ENERGIA is a solid fuel with reduced environmental impact. Mainly used in biomass plants to produce electricity and steam...

We produce with respect for the environment

We care about the future of the planet, our common home, and have always tried to make the best use of the resources that nature and human ingenuity offer us, to produce with full respect for the environment around us.