CHAFF, is placed in special treatment plants and is cooked with steam at a temperature of about 130 C. This operation sterilised the product naturally without it losing its organoleptic characteristics.
Our plants can treat about 150 tonnes of raw material per day.
CHAFF is then stored in large silos before packing which is an automated process.
We can store more than 8000 tonnes of the product and pack more than 100 tonnes each day.
All the processing phases are carried out in full observance of the strict European Community laws.


Thanks to the large amounts processed each day, the excellent storage quantities and the futuristic packing plant, Agromil can meet market needs.
The in/out logistics process is carried out paying special attention to guaranteeing fast deliveries within 12/24 hours of ordering, but also guarantees continuous supplies all year round.
All the vehicles used are company owned and this allows the company to make deliveries throughout Italy and also to the nearby surrounding countries.


ANIMAL BED LITTER in stables, horse-riding schools, cow and sheep farms
Advantages: cheap, soft, sterilised and it stays dry.
It can later be used as a fertiliser.

AGRICULTURAL AMENDER in flower and vegetable cultivation
Advantages: makes soil softer, and does not alter organoleptic characteristics

Simple VEGETABLE AMENDER in chemical industry for compos
Advantages: high hygroscopic power and strong granular structure

FLUIDIFIER in the extraction industry for oleaginous products and animal feeds
Advantages: only fluidifier-anti-binder product that is purely of vegetable origin

FUEL in the energy industry in the energy industry
Advantages: excellent to burn and ashes obtained can be used

SUPPORT for chemical substances or fertilisers in pharmaceuticals
Advantages: highly hygroscopic

Advantages: protection of environment and safeguarding of health