AGROMIL CEREALI was founded in 1986 as a division of a top rice mill company that has been present on the national and international markets since 1947.

The mother company’s experience from over half a century of business activity allowed the division to develop a programme to enhance the value and use of a by-product, the CHAFF, obtained during the initial rice processing phase.

Today, AGROMIL CEREALI is a leading, independent, Italian company for the production and distribution of RICE CHAFF by-products that are widely used in the zoo-technical and flora-garden nursery worlds, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in the animal feed and energy industries, in the preparation of compost and soils, processing 15 tonnes of raw material each day.

Modern, efficient plants allow us to provide high quality products and services, while respecting the strictest European Community laws and regulations.

Our high storage capacity ( 8,000 cubic metres), the constantly updated treatment plants, the futuristic packaging systems ( 100 tonnes/day ) and in/out logistics system that is completely automated allow us to guarantee fast delivery ( 24/48 hours from receipt of order) and continuity of service ( 12 months per year) both for Italy and for the surrounding foreign countries.